Experiences from participants in Mazars University workshops

Be inspired by the experiences from our participants.

Seminar on work-related expenses scheme

High-quality seminar giving you the necessary information in a short period of time - J.G. Vink, owner-manager of Brinks Carrosserieën

A good mix of theory and recognisable examples from practice - C. Lohuis, Financial director of Droomparken

 Workshop on VAT for educational institutions

Highly relevant and sufficient time to input own casuistry – N. den Engelsman of Stichting Leerhuizen Pallitatieve Zorg

Accessible, applicable, fun, informative, generates ideas – E. Boswinkel, Controller of Veluwse Onderwijsgroep

Workshop on VAT for international companies

Interactive workshop with time for all your questions. Extensive update on the rules – J. Feijen, Adbemar B.V.

Practical and applicable to everyday practice; W. van Altena, Account manager of Molade Trust Management B.V.

Workshop on VAT points to note - trust sector

Perfectly in keeping with the topicality and territory of a trust – M. Erdogan-van Praat, administrator of BNP Paribas Trust B.V.

An interactive and useful workshop that discusses multiple aspects of VAT – I. van Panhuis, Senior Financial Officer of Capita Fiduciary B.V.

Workshop on VAT & transfer tax – construction & property sector

This was a highly educational workshop and provided sufficient information to solve any problems – A.F. van der Stok, J.S. Property B.V.

In-house VAT workshop Nikkels bouwbedrijf B.V. 

A highly educational workshop providing a general insight into the ins en outs of VAT and transfer tax– Marloes Nikkels, developer of Func. Project Development

Workshop on income tax and social insurance contributions in practice

Entirely up to date again following this session – M. Willeman-Posthoorn, HRM Van der Vorm Vastgoed B.V.

Workshop on new private limited company law – trust sector

A lot of new possibilities, thus very flexible. Everything goes and hardly any obligations – C. Jansen, director of Polyvesta Trust Management.

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