Fiscal-legal proceedings

The fiscal arena is becoming more bureaucratic and formal, both in terms of the statutory provisions and in the attitude of the civil servants who work for the Tax Authorities.

Increasing chance of conflicts with the tax authorities

The area of tension and the chance of conflicts with the tax authorities increase proportionally.

Fiscal proceedings – a job in its own right

The increasing influence of European law on Dutch legislation, specialisation within the Tax Authorities, and the introduction of administration of justice with two actual instances mean that fiscal proceedings have become a job in their own right. The Proceedings Department, known as ‘Section PB/PV’, pools all our knowledge in terms of proceedings in the widest sense.

Good files make a strong start

The right approach increases the chances of success, and the right approach means that a complete file should be started at the earliest possible stage. The Proceedings Department is able to provide support. A good file enables you to set out the optimum proceedings strategy at the earliest possible stage, and formal errors on the part of the Tax Inspector may come to light.

From discussions with the Tax Inspector to Appeals

The Proceedings Department can advise you during any stage of a dispute with the tax authorities – from discussions with the Tax Inspector to appeals before the Supreme Court or the European Court of Justice. Our services may encompass:

  • Assessing court documents
  • Tactical support
  • Assessing the chances of legal proceedings
  • Providing a second opinion
  • Operating as a central point for questions or queries.

We can conduct the proceedings on your behalf

You can also outsource the conduct of the proceedings to the Proceedings Department. In such a case we will use all possible legal means on your behalf, always in close consultation with you.

Co-operation with tax specialists

If the subject of the dispute is in the area of payroll tax, social-security contributions, VAT or estate planning, the Proceedings Department works together with the relevant specialist departments. This guarantees the quality you may expect from us.