Immigration and remigration

If you immigrate or remigrate to the Netherlands, you have to deal with many tax issues. Proper and timely tax planning helps you understand what to expect. This could also result in substantial tax benefits. Mazars will be happy to help you!

Income tax

It you want to immigrate or remigrate to the Netherlands, you will be taxed as a resident of the Netherlands on your worldwide income under Dutch income tax from the moment of immigration or remigration. Typically, the Netherlands allows a deduction to avoid double taxation for foreign income.

Qualifying interest

If you own a qualifying interest, the purchase price to apply to the treatment of the qualifying interest will have to be determined on entry to the Netherlands. The purchase price is based on the "step-up scheme" and set at the value of the shares at the time of immigration. Several exceptions apply to this rule, such as the situation in which you have lived as a qualifying interest holder in the Netherlands before or the qualifying interest is in a Dutch company. In these situations, you may have recourse to the amount you have given at for your shares. Thus, any foreign capital gain arising on the shares can be claimed with 25% Dutch income tax.

Social security liability

Just as with emigration, on immigration or remigration you have to deal with social security and other insurance liabilities.

Matrimonial property, succession and inheritance and gift tax

If during your residency in the Netherlands you make a gift or unexpectedly die, Dutch gift and inheritance tax is payable. 

The opportunities and risks clarified

You need to know where you stand. Proper tax planning is therefore really important. It helps you to reduce the tax risks. Furthermore, you can optimally exploit the opportunities. Mazars can help you optimise your tax position in the international market. 

 Would you like to learn more?

Would you like to know more about the tax risks and opportunities of immigration or remigration? Then talk to Erik Stroeve (tax consultant) by e-mail or by phone: +31 88 277 24 55. He will be happy to assist you.




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