Tax returns

As an entrepreneur, you are obliged to file a tax return. The Tax Department makes this increasingly easy by enabling you to enter details in advance, but on the other hand the rules you need to comply with are becoming ever more complex. Do you want to be sure that your tax return has been completed properly but don't have the time or the expertise to go into the details? Let the specialists at Mazars take a weight off your mind ─ we are the experts in tax returns.

Filing a tax return

The specialists at Mazars can help you with all kinds of tax returns: from income tax, corporation tax and value-added tax returns to tax returns for the intra-Community supply of goods, payroll taxes, duty and consumption tax and 'first day reports'. Late filing your tax return? We can also help you apply for a deferment.

Rebates and objections

Naturally we won't just help you file your tax return, we will also assist you with applications for tax rebates. We will check your tax return and make sure you get the money back you are entitled to. We will also be pleased to help if you want to lodge an objection against an assessment or other decision by the Tax Department. That way, you always get what you are entitled to.

Fast and accurate handling

With Mazars, you are assured of fast and accurate handling of your tax return or rebate request. We will make sure your tax return or request is accompanied by all the fiscally relevant information, and is submitted correctly and on time. That way, you avoid penalties and other problems. As an extra service, we will send you a brief summary of your tax return or rebate application.

Tax savings

A tax return is not only a requirement: it also offers opportunities. Opportunities to save tax, for example. The specialists at Mazars can often identify such opportunities based on the information on your tax return. With relevant tax advice, they will then point you to ways of paying less tax, for example by taking advantage of particular tax saving opportunities. That way, you are making maximum use of the scope offered by a good tax return.  

Want to know more about tax returns?

Would you like to know more about how Mazars can help you with tax returns? Contact one of our specialists below. They will be pleased to help.