Corporate social responsibility

For Mazars, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goes further than treating people, the environment and society with care. As accountants and tax advisers, we not only raise these matters for discussion, we also make them measurable and demonstrable by annually reporting on our progress. In this way, our CSR policy generates understanding and improvement of ethical, ecological and societal performance ─ understanding which can help not only ourselves but also you.

Mazars seeks to play a model role. That's why we focus not only on internal partners but on society. This is more than basic CSR, this is true Corporate Social Responsibility.

Want to make a difference? Invest in CSR!

Mazars believes that CSR is about more than examining the world and our and your place in it. With an integrated CSR policy, you can really differentiate yourself. Moreover, CSR offers your company many opportunities and business advantages. Mazars has supervised and supported various companies in setting out their policy and strategy. 

Corporate Social Responsibility at Mazars

Mazars' motivation to initiate an integrated CSR policy was clear: to make a contribution to current issues, by inspiring employees, clients, associates and colleagues in other Mazars countries to become more conscious in the way they deal with each other, raw materials and society. From the start, we have made efforts to create and add value. Based on five main themes (Corporate Ethics, People, the Environment, Chain Responsibility and Social Commitment) we connect stakeholders within and outside Mazars.

More information?

Would you like to know more about CSR and the benefits for your company? If so, please contact us. We will be pleased to help.