Adriaan van Maurik about #MazarsForGood

Adriaan van Maurik, junior consultant Governance, Risk, Compliance & Sustainability, explains what sustainability means to him and gives examples of how he sees the MazarsForGood theme within the organization.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability is a theme that is always highly dynamic. To me, it means thinking about the world of today and tomorrow. The subject is not just a characteristic of the younger generation. Within society, but within Mazars as well, you notice that awareness of sustainability is growing, and that it is topical for both young and old. I notice that it is sometimes difficult to be aware of sustainability every hour of every day. Sometimes you accidentally choose the less sustainable eggs in the supermarket, buy those beautiful sneakers on sale, and turn on the dishwasher while it’s not yet filled to the brim. What is striking is that people are held accountable more often than before (or hold someone else accountable) for their ‘unsustainable’ behaviour. It seems an awareness is being created that you cannot improve the world on your own, but that we have to do this together. It’s great to see how different young start-ups are developing effective and innovative creations to make the world we live in a little more sustainable and set society in motion to become more sustainable and hold each other accountable. All this makes sustainability a fun subject, which I like to discuss with others!

How do you see the topic MazarsForGood within our organisation?

I haven’t been working at Mazars for very long, but I have already worked at two office environments at Mazars Amsterdam, namely the one before and the one after the renovation. I see MazarsForGood featured in the new office in good and ‘healthier’ (more eyefriendly) screens on the desks, fresh food and fruit in the coffee corners and cafeteria, high levels of light and beautiful plants spread across the open work areas. These facilities make it very pleasant to work in this office. The other day, on a beautiful sunny day, my manager decided to continue our planned meeting outside rather than inside: walking in the fresh air for 15 minutes, talking about the progress of my work while enjoying a good ‘cup of java’! In addition to vitality and a pleasant working environment, MazarsForGood also shows itself in the social commitment of our organisation. Secondary school students who are shown around the office in groups and who can ask us questions about the work. My contribution together with colleagues during the ‘Taaltrip’ at Schiphol to increase the vocabulary of young children from the area; these are examples of how we can inspire and help the next generation.

Do you have an example of the development of sustainable services at Mazars?

Certainly: in recent months we have been busy developing concrete services for the ‘S’ of our GRCS serviceline (Governance, Risk, Compliance & Sustainability). Together, and with other (international) colleagues, we are looking at how we can further implement this service and help our clients in the field of sustainability. In brief brainstorming sessions, for instance, we explore our approach to human rights, anti-bribery and corruption, and ensuring an honest and open organisational culture. For example, we recently explored the balance between rules and scope for entrepreneurship and creativity in our own team. What I find fascinating is helping a company manifest its contributions to achieving a number of sustainability goals set by the United Nations. And something completely different: last month we participated in a business market, organised for students of Wageningen University & Research (WUR). There, together with two colleagues at our own MazarsForGood stand, I talked to students about important and topical sustainability issues. In short, within and outside Mazars (and within our GRCS team) we are always eagerly looking for the latest developments and knowledge regarding sustainability, in order to professionalise our services and ensure that they are perfectly aligned with the needs of our clients and society.



Mazarians explain what sustainability means to them and give examples of how they see the MazarsForGood theme within the organization.


Corporate social responsibility

At Mazars, we have committed ourselves to being MazarsForGood – that is a global citizen devoted to having a positive impact on the world and the communities in which we operate. We are dedicated to contributing to society in the best possible way, whether through providing quality services to our clients to help them achieve sustainable growth, enabling our talented people to reach their highest potential or contributing to the public debate with positive insights for the future.

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