Jochem Griffioen about #MazarsForGood

Jochem Griffioen, assistant financial audit, explains what sustainability means to him and gives examples of how he sees the MazarsForGood theme within the organization.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Make a contribution to a better world. Helping people who need help. Creating better circumstances for all by doing small things. For example, when doing your groceries, ask the homeless person in front of the supermarket if you can buy him some food. Another good example in my daily work is taking the train instead of the car when possible! If a client is closely located to a train station or if I can avoid heavy traffic, I prefer taking the train. Traveling to Amsterdam or The Hague from Rotterdam is most of the time much easier and more relaxed by train than by car. This all contributes to a better society as a whole.

How do you see the topic MazarsForGood within our organisation?

Serious attention is paid to working conditions and a better work-life balance. This is, for instance, reflected in opportunities for flexible working hours for all employees. Resources are available to make this happen. Furthermore, the Mazars organisation has an open attitude towards the diversity of its employees. The learning & development facilities provided by Mazars are another good example.

At the moment, I am attending courses at Nyenrode University for my certified auditor, RA education. Other courses that were provided to me by Mazars were in the field of better writing skills or social development. And, of course, the possibilities that Mazars Foundation offers all the employees to contribute to society.

Do you have an example of community involvement at Mazars?

The Mazars Foundation organises events to support people who need help or simply need human attention in society. For instance, we advised refugees on how to start a business in the Netherlands, we organised a Christmas dinner for people from care homes and contributed to projects for elementary schools in the neighbourhood by giving language and mathematics lessons combined with sport activities. Besides organising activities, Mazars Foundation, furthermore, offers the opportunity to all employees to deploy working hours for voluntary work that contributes to society. As an ambassador for the Mazars Foundation in Rotterdam, I help organising these events, and I try to have a positive influence on persuading colleagues to join in societal activities.



Mazarians explain what sustainability means to them and give examples of how they see the MazarsForGood theme within the organization.


Corporate social responsibility

At Mazars, we have committed ourselves to being MazarsForGood – that is a global citizen devoted to having a positive impact on the world and the communities in which we operate. We are dedicated to contributing to society in the best possible way, whether through providing quality services to our clients to help them achieve sustainable growth, enabling our talented people to reach their highest potential or contributing to the public debate with positive insights for the future.

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