You will find the annual reports of both Mazars Nederland and Mazars Groep on the Mazars annual reports page. All annual reports are available for download as PDFs. The annual report of Mazars Groep is only available in English.

Financieel jaarverslag Mazars Nederland 2018 / 2019

30 maart 2020 - Lees hier het financieel jaarverslag van Mazars Nederland, boekjaar 2018 / 2019.

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Striking the balance: Mazars publishes its 2018-2019 Annual Report

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Looking to 2020, we see a bright future and many exciting prospects, but we know our stakeholders operate in testing times. That is why finding and maintaining the right balance resonates more than ever. With our 2019 Yearbook, we take the opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to accompanying our clients’ development, helping them navigate the complex environments in which they operate and grow in a sustainable way.

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Financieel jaarverslag Mazars Nederland 2017 / 2018

Jaarverslag 2017 - 2018 _ Page
26 maart 2019 - Lees hier het financieel jaarverslag van Mazars Nederland, boekjaar 2017 / 2018.

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Creating Shared Value(s): Mazars publishes its 2017-2018 Annual Report

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With our 2018 Yearbook, part of our 2017-2018 Group Annual Report, we take a step back and reflect on our international development and growth.

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Financieel Jaarverslag Mazars Nederland 2016 / 2017

20 maart 2018 - Lees hier het financieel jaarverslag van Mazars Nederland, boekjaar 2016 / 2017.

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CSR Report


Corporate social responsibility

At Mazars, we have committed ourselves to being MazarsForGood – that is a global citizen devoted to having a positive impact on the world and the communities in which we operate. We are dedicated to contributing to society in the best possible way, whether through providing quality services to our clients to help them achieve sustainable growth, enabling our talented people to reach their highest potential or contributing to the public debate with positive insights for the future.

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