Bridging loan for start-ups and scale-ups

29 April 2020 - The start-ups, scale-ups and innovative SMEs may apply for a so-called Corona Bridging Loan. The applications can be filed by the Regional Development Corporations.

The entrepreneurs eligible for the bridging loan are:

  • start-ups: non-listed companies, not self-employed entrepreneurs, who at the time of application do not exercise business activities longer than five years;
  • scale-ups: companies with 10-250 employees, whose employment and/or turnover has increased with a minimum of 60% in the last five years or is expecting an increase in employment and/or turnover over the next five years with a minimum of 60%; and
  • innovative SMEs: companies with 10-250 employees, whose product, process and/or market innovation take place in the context of industrial research and/or experimental development with the aim to obtain financial and social return (this is demonstrably with the Wet bevordering speur- en ontwikkelingswerk (WBSO) declaration);

The bridging loans can vary between 50.000 euros up to and including 2 million euros. Those above 250.000 euros have an additional criteria. In such cases the government expects the shareholders and other investors to invest 25% of the value of a loan. The interest rate of the bridging loans is 3%.

To be eligible for the bridging loan companies must comply with the following criteria:

  • demonstrate that the loan is necessary due the economic impact of the coronacrisis;
  • have a healthy and sustainable future prospect; and
  • proof of taken reduction measures, which at this point can be expected;

Based on the government announcement, the Regional Development Corporations will process the bridging loan applications under 500.000 euros within four to nine working days and those above 500.000 euros within three weeks.


Do you require more information? Please contact Eric Klein Hesseling by email or by phone +31 (0)88 277 23 84 or Thierry Boonstra by email or by phone +31 (0)88 277 21 78. They will be happy to help you.