Broadening the incentives for (long-term) innovation in 2020

3 October 2019 - On Prinsjesdag, the Cabinet announced the Budget Memorandum for 2020. An important conclusion from the Budget Memorandum and the budget for Economic Affairs and Climate is that the government is focusing more on an ambitious climate policy, the transition to a sustainable and secure energy supply, a future-proof innovation policy and the acceleration of the digitisation of our economy. In all these areas there are also opportunities for companies to solve social challenges.

WBSO in 2020

The number of companies that make use of the WBSO (tax rebate for their own research and development work) is falling for the third year in a row to just over 20,000. One of the reasons for this is the reduction and stricter assessment of WBSO-compliant software development activities. In 2019, the total WBSO budget amounted to €1.237 billion and will be increased to €1.281 billion in 2020. This means more subsidy for innovative companies.

In 2020, the current method of calculation of the WBSO will be maintained. Two important changes are envisaged to make the submission of a WBSO application more flexible:

  • Companies may apply for a WBSO four times a year instead of three times a year.
  • When companies submit an application, they can get started as soon as the following month (without any interim month).

MIT in 2020

The promising MIT scheme (open to any innovative SME entrepreneur, regardless of sector) is also intended to carry out feasibility studies and innovation projects in 2020. Because of the great interest in this scheme, the available budget will be significantly increased in the coming years. Whereas in 2019 the Cabinet's budget was still just over €29 million, in 2020 it will be increased to more than €39 million. The budget for the period 2021 to 2024 is now set at approximately €40 million.

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