Compensation Entrepreneurs in Affected Industries COVID-19 (TOGS)

SMEs, both with and without personnel, directly affected by various government measures to contain coronavirus, may apply for an immediate one-off compensation of € 4,000 from Friday 27 March 2020. This Compensation Entrepreneurs in Affected Industries COVID-19 scheme (Tegemoetkoming Ondernemers Getroffen Sectoren COVID-19 - TOGS) is free to be spent and free of taxation.

The TOGS scheme applies solely to companies in specifically designated industries. The company’s SBI code (Standard Business Classification - Standaard Bedrijfsindeling) of its main activity in the Chamber of Commerce (on 15 March 2020) is decisive.

Currently, the scheme applies to industries which include:

  • food and beverage venues, cinemas, hair and beauty salons, travel agents and tour operators, driving school owners, saunas, solariums, swimming pools, fitness centres, sports clubs and sporting events, certain private cultural institutions such as museums, circuses, theatres and music schools, event venues and organisers, casinos, and entrepreneurs in the non-food industry, such as shopkeepers.

The list of companies that are entitled to this € 4,000 gift is continuously updated.


  • The company was registered in the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce on 15 March 2020;
  • The company employs a maximum of 250 people;
  • The company's main activity was registered on 15 March 2020 under one of the required SBI codes;
  • The company has a physical office in the Netherlands, the business address of which is registered in the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce;
  • The compensation of €4,000 applies per company (and not per office);
  • The entrepreneur declares that, from 16 March 2020 up to and including 15 June 2020, a loss in turnover of at least € 4,000 is expected;
  • The entrepreneur declares to expect at least € 4,000 in fixed costs in the period 16 March 2020 up to and including 15 June 2020, even after the use of other support measures made available by the government;
  • The application must be submitted online to RVO (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland - Netherlands Enterprise Agency); you may also authorise someone else to submit the application for you;
  • RVO tries to make a decision on the application within two weeks and pays the compensation within a few working days after the decision;
  • The applications may be checked afterwards; if it turns out in hindsight that the compensation was wrongly granted, it may be reclaimed;