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Business solutions in the face of new challenges brought on by ecommerce. Given the digitization spree, e-commerce as a global marketplace has gained significant momentum.

Together with the Ecommerce Foundation, Mazars is launching a series of studies and thought leadership pieces exploring the trends, challenges, and opportunities brought on by the emergence of ecommerce. We will provide ongoing country-specific studies, regional studies, and global studies throughout the year. Discover our microsite at

Delve into a country, regional, or global study on ecommerce

As global advisors, Mazars' experts provide you with perspectives and tools to best leverage this new ecosystem. We propose solutions to the most recent ecommerce trends and challenges. Our experts specialize in topics such as tax & legal, ethics & compliance, logistics & footprint, digitization & technology as well as business models & customer experience, all of which are evolving with the emergence of ecommerce.

Explore themes such as ethics & compliance and logistics & footprint with our experts

We invite you to visit or new microsite, and explore and compare countries, topics, and points of view. See how ecommerce may affect your business, better understand the risks and opportunities, and find solutions to tomorrow’s most pressing challenges.

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Discover our first series of country studies and meet our experts on our microsite, live now!

  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • European (coming soon!)

And many more… stay tuned! Visit


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Netherlands_​2018_​Ecommerce Study.pdf