Mazars Code of Conduct

Our quality-oriented culture is reflected among other things in the quality control system, the resources devoted to professional expertise, quality and quality assurance and the ‘perception’ and ‘behaviour’ of our employees. This is an effort of us all, regardless of profession or role / position.

Giving direction to how we convey our values

The Mazars code of conduct gives direction to how we convey Mazars’ values in practice. And to the choices we (have to) make each day. The code of conduct provides answers to questions such as:

  • Who is Mazars?
    > This is who we are
  • Which behaviour contributes to this?
    > This is what we do

The Mazars Code of Conduct helps us in achieving our joint vision to be a successful and sustainable organisation which is at the heart of the society and which offers a high added value to the society, the development of our people and to our customers’ success.

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