Salary Online

Would you like to offer your personnel and payroll transactions securely over the internet for processing or process them mostly in-house? This is possible with Salary Online anywhere, anytime, without major investments in software and hardware. The specialists from Mazars then process your salary changes into organised digital output in the digital archive. This ensures correct and timely salary administration. Salary Online also offers a number of other possibilities, such as conducting personnel and absence records, creating proformas and setting up e-mail alerts.


Salary Online supports online work with the specialists of Mazars. You decide which part of the salary administration you keep in-house and what activities you leave to us.

If you choose to let our specialists perform operations, you can be confident of reliable and efficient service. We guarantee continuity in your salary administration and direct support at all times. You will be given a permanent contact who is fully familiar with recent developments in the legislation and regulations and will notify you of possible improvements and opportunities.


Salary Online consists of three modules: the manager self-service module, the employee self-service module and the document archive. In the manager self-service module, you can register in particular personal details, training courses, salary changes, reviews and competencies. So you always have timely and relevant information. Using the employee self-service module, your employees can perform actions and/or input relevant information manually. So you can take the work of other employees, such as those of the HR department, off your hands.

In the document archive all information in the other two modules is stored and managed. Here you will find all relevant information within your organisation. And thanks to the convenient search function you can always bring up the appropriate information. This saves time and costs.

Would you like to learn more about Salary Online?

Would you like to know more about Salary Online and what Mazars can do for you? Then please contact Erik Burghout by email or by phone: +31 88 277 22 40. He will be happy to assist you further.

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