You want the best from your organisation. Improved results thanks to flexible business processes based on a solid foundation. The specialists of Mazars care about your business. They help you take the right strategic decisions. This allows you to fully focus on the development of your business.

Financial Advisory Services

From due diligence, valuations and litigation support to restructuring underperforming businesses, Mazars Financial Advisory Services offers vendors, purchasers and financiers all the necessary skills and expertise to serve every aspect of their transactions.

Financial Planning

U heeft een financiële levensstandaard die bij u past. Verwachte en onverwachte factoren kunnen van invloed zijn op de financiële manier waarop u nu leeft. Heeft u bijvoorbeeld de wens om eerder te stoppen met werken? Of wilt u een deel van uw vermogen schenken aan uw kinderen? Deze en diverse andere zaken hebben invloed op uw financiële situatie, zowel zakelijk als privé. Door de zaken goed op orde te hebben, komen u én uw nabestaanden niet voor onnodige verrassingen te staan.

Governance, Risk & Internal Control

Due to continuous change and increasing regulations, managers, directors and supervisors wonder whether their company or organisation is 'in control'. Do they have a clear picture of the risks, which governance is needed, are control processes adjusted according to the changes and is the on-board crew adequately trained for a safe voyage? In both the private and public sectors, there is a growing demand for advice and support in the fields of (corporate) governance, risk management, internal control and internal audit. The Mazars GRIC team - selected based on their long practical experience - will work together with you on tailor-made solutions.

HR Consultancy

For your company to perform to the best of its abilities, it has to be set up properly. After all, your employees will flourish only in the right circumstances. Mazars' HR specialists understand that HR forms the heart of your business. They will help you to set up your organisational structure properly, they will help you out with HR matters and offer advice about possible improvements.

IT Advice and Assurance

Many companies and institutions are increasingly dependent on IT systems. This probably also applies to your organisation. Does the management of your IT system have your full attention? And are you aware of new and relevant IT possibilities and the obligations attached to it? The specialists of Mazars will be happy to advise you on this. They will conduct an IT audit and map out the risks and opportunities, so that your organisation can be fully geared to this. Integrity, reliability, continuity and safety are typical in the approach of our specialists when conducting an IT audit.

Future Financial Statements

As an entrepreneur, do you know what your company's position will be in five years' time? Will you achieve sufficient growth? Which factors positively or negatively influence your results? By preparing your future financial statements, the accountants at Mazars provide a snapshot of the relevant issues that shape your company's results.

Country Desks

Dutch business and industry have a strong business instinct; companies are continuously engaged in the development of markets outside our national borders. These companies often need professional support when doing cross-border business. Hence Mazars formed the country desks. We have bundled all our specialist knowledge and experience with a certain country in the country desks. This bundling of knowledge allows us to provide you with an excellent service in the development of your cross-border trade.

Franchise Advise

You know better than anyone that franchising offers opportunities and can be successful. But are you making optimum use of those opportunities? And how can you make improvements and build on your existing successes? Whether you are a franchisor or a franchisee, the specialists at Mazars will give you franchise advice and support in all the relevant areas. Which means you can focus on what is really important to you: doing business!

Mazars Private Outsourcing

Mazars Private Outsourcing biedt kennis en kunde aan vermogende particulieren voor een optimaal beheer van vermogen. Vanuit een integrale benadering houden wij zicht op de voor u relevante vraagstukken en de constante verandering in wet- en regelgeving.


The entrepreneurial business environment is constantly changing. Business leaders and management teams face significant challenges from disruptive competition, talent wars, technology, regulatory changes and other critical developments. ‘Day-to-Day Management’ and aiming for an optimal customer satisfaction are just two areas that tend to occupy those leading an entrepreneurial business. This often results in a loss of focus on the potential long term value of the company. Put simply, the skillset, time and resources are not always available internally to form an objective long-term perspective.