Future Financial Statements

As an entrepreneur, do you know what your company's position will be in five years' time? Will you achieve sufficient growth? Which factors positively or negatively influence your results? By preparing your future financial statements, the accountants at Mazars provide a snapshot of the relevant issues that shape your company's results.

Future plans based on the past five years

The future financial statements consist of a multi-year balance sheet, profit and loss account and cash flow summary. These are based on annual figures and historic performance. Because by looking at developments over the past five years, we can provide an insight into your company's future financial position and performance. In tandem with you, we will then analyse the issues which are relevant to your company and discuss the development potential of your business, based on your future plans. That way, you get the chance to focus on the issues that will be most important to your company in the future.

Why future financial statements?

You can use the future financial statements for:

  • The financial underpinning of your strategic choices
  • Formulating strategic objectives
  • Shedding light on the effects of growth or shrinkage of your turnover/margins (scenario analyses)
  • Managing working capital and solvency
  • Submitting a finance application
  • Determining (potential) future dividends and other monetary flows
  • Helping support a company sale or takeover process, possibly over a number of years
  • Communicating with your employees, shareholders, management and other stakeholders

Discover the opportunities for your company

If you commission Mazars to draw up a set of future financial statements for your business, you can count on a level-headed approach to the research, based on knowledge of the sector, thorough analysis, experience and expertise. We work in an efficient, solution-focused manner and with short, clear lines of communication. You will have a single fixed contact person. Our activities always result in a tailored solution: a report that will help you establish the opportunities for your company.


See and read what our clients have to say about the future financial statements:

"A good instrument not only for looking back with the bank's current financier but also for providing input to achieve the goals of the future. This is a great instrument for explaining the financial principles." Cees Meijer, Claassen, Moolenbeek & Partners