The specialists of Mazars have a wealth of expertise from practically all markets and sectors. We are traditionally strongly represented in the SME sector and also advise numerous large companies. Extensive and current expertise of your industrial sector is vital to provide you with a high-quality service. It contributes to our ability to operate as a powerful sparring partner and to provide you with valuable advices and support. On this page, you can find further information on the different industries which we operate in, the challenges companies and organisations are faced with in these industries and the expertise we can offer.

Family business

As an entrepreneur in a dynamic and competitive market, you are increasingly faced with strategic and financing issues, increasing automation and digitalisation. How do you deal with it? And how does this fit in the strategy of the family and the family business? In a family business, it is important to balance the family interests and company interests.

Transport & Logistics

The transport and logistics sector has a place in a broad range of businesses including transporters, shippers, intermediaries and service providers. However, in spite of this diversity, there are clearly common developments and challenges. Mazars helps companies to tackle these challenges by combining specific experience, expertise, and (International) contacts within our Transport & Logistics sector group.


De not-for-profit sector professionaliseert. Uw activiteiten liggen continu onder een vergrootglas en uw maatschappelijke rol is aanzienlijk. Ondanks dat uw activiteiten steeds meer erkenning krijgen, neemt de focus op governance en transparantie in verslaggeving toe. U zal uw beleid hierover zorgvuldig uit moeten stippelen en uitvoeren. Maar weet u ook hoe? De specialisten van Mazars beschikken over de kennis en ervaring om uw organisatie verder te helpen. Zij voorzien u van praktische adviezen en concrete handvatten, zodat u invulling kunt geven aan uw organisatiebeleid.

Financial services

The financial sector is constantly changing. Through innovations in financial markets, constantly changing laws and regulations and the development of new standards. The specialists from Mazars monitor these developments closely. They know what impact they can have on your organisation, and the opportunities they offer.


Flexwork (a Dutch term covering temps, secondment, and payroll services) is becoming ever more varied and is gaining an ever greater share of the labour market. As an entrepreneur, new business models for supplying temps, secondments and payrolling and cross-border assignments bring you into contact with many complex rules. The flex work experts at Mazars will help you translate these complex rules to something you can implement in practice.

Real estate & construction

At present, the real estate market is in the eye of the storm: the transition from the dynamic real estate market of just a few years ago to a new situation characterised by a crisis of confidence with low saleability, unoccupied property, (re-)financing problems, and the consequent downward valuation.

Technology, Media & Telecom

As an entrepreneur within the Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) sector, you find yourself in a dynamic environment where fast and innovative developments follow each other in quick succession. This has an impact on your company. Yet at the same time these developments also offer opportunities which, of course, you do not want to miss out on. In brief, being actively involved in the TMT sector throws up some serious challenges for passionate and inspired entrepreneurs.