The specialists of Mazars have a wealth of expertise from practically all markets and sectors. We are traditionally strongly represented in the SME sector and also advise numerous large companies. Extensive and current expertise of your industrial sector is vital to provide you with a high-quality service. It contributes to our ability to operate as a powerful sparring partner and to provide you with valuable advices and support. On this page, you can find further information on the different industries which we operate in, the challenges companies and organisations are faced with in these industries and the expertise we can offer.
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Energy, infrastructure & environment

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Family business

As an entrepreneur in a dynamic and competitive market, you are increasingly faced with strategic and financing issues, increasing automation and digitalisation. How do you deal with it? And how does this fit in the strategy of the family and the family business? In a family business, it is important to balance the family interests and company interests.

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Financial services

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Flexible work accounts for a substantial portion of the labour market and the number of flexible workers continues to increase. In an ever-changing landscape in which national borders are becoming increasingly irrelevant, temp and secondment agencies and payroll companies are dealing with complex legislation and regulations. A number of regulatory authorities oversee compliance with these rules. Flexible employment agencies must additionally keep pace with all developments, make use of efficient software solutions, optimise their processes and ensure their earnings models are up-to-date.

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Partner organisations

A characteristic feature of a partner organisation is that it is a joint venture between independent professionals with a partner structure, in which the undertaking is conducted by way of a partnership or company. As the executive board of a partner organisation, you are faced with a variety of challenges. One of the most important challenges for you as the executive board is to be compliant, both when it comes to your own partner organisation, as well as to the partners as individuals and their companies. This is to prevent your organisation from being the subject of adverse news coverage or being damaged otherwise. The Mazars specialists will be happy to help you.

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Public & social sector

Real estate