Annual Reporting Guidelines (RJ 660)

The Annual Reporting Guidelines for Education (RJO) and the RJ660 guidelines have been written to give stakeholders of educational institutions insight into and inform them about the financial position and the spending of resources. The purpose of these guidelines is to guarantee clear reporting so that educational institutions are easy to compare with each other and with other organisations.

The subjects

  • Specific subjects that all educational institutions must outline in the directors’ report, such as educational performance, developments at related parties, treasury section, sector code compliance and complaints handling. The educational institutions must also devote attention to subjects such as staff and accommodation. The prescribed continuity section in the directors’ report gives the reader insight into the multiyear perspective of educational institutions on the basis of a prescribed data set
  • Fixed models for balance sheet, statement of income and expenditure, cash flow statement and notes
  • Prescribed processing methods for annual accounts items that occur in the educational field, such as lump sum funding and employee benefits (for example sustainable employability)
  • Segmentation of balance sheet and statement of income and expenditure by educational sectors if an institution develops activities in more than one educational sector

The reporting criteria of Part 9, Book 2 of the Dutch Civil Code and the provisions of the other Annual Reporting Guidelines also apply. A large quantity of rules with which educational reporting must comply.

Despite the clear guidelines, the subjects below for example may prompt the necessary questions:

  • The substantiation of a provision for major maintenance with which the costs of major maintenance are or can be equalised
  • The sufficiently clear expression of obligatory information in the directors’ report
  • The processing method in the annual reporting in the event of merger and transfer of schools
  • The method of accounting for investments in accommodation in Primary Education: capitalise or not on the balance sheet?

Mazars can help you with

Mazars’ education specialists have wide experience of the external reporting of educational institutions and can give you insight into the benefits and drawbacks of choices that can be made in the annual reporting.

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