Family business

As an entrepreneur in a dynamic and competitive market, you are increasingly faced with strategic and financing issues, increasing automation and digitalisation. How do you deal with it? And how does this fit in the strategy of the family and the family business? In a family business, it is important to balance the family interests and company interests.

We understand the importance of family dynamics 

Our extensive experience with family businesses enables us to understand the importance of the family dynamics between the generations. The interrelationships between family members who are active in the company or have an interest in it have a major influence on the success of the company. Key themes are:

  • Vision, mission and objectives of the family business
  • Family values
  • Family commitment in the company and support

Our specialists contribute to the development of your family business and they have a keen eye for the interesting dynamics a family business is faced with: company, family and property. They listen to your wishes as entrepreneur, ask the question behind the question and help you out with various issues. Whether you intend to operate internationally or are faced with changing legislation: Mazars' specialists have the specific knowledge to help your organisation progress.


Mazars works according to a well-coordinated, multidisciplinary approach. Personal contact with our accountant or consultant via short lines of communication is key. Our specialists do not just look back, they mainly look forward with you. They anticipate future questions and inspire you about the possibilities. In addition, Mazars Signals gives you 24/7 access to your details. After all, in a family business you don't stop doing business when the office lights are switched off.

The Optimize approach



Leading a successful business is a demanding task, while the challenges facing you as an...

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Voorlichtingsbijeenkomst hervorming btw-stelsel

Als gevolg van het “Action Plan on VAT” van de Europese Commissie zal het btw-stelsel in de komende jaren ingrijpend gewijzigd worden. Op 1 januari 2020 zullen de eerste wijzigingen in werking treden. Het gaat hierbij om de zogenaamde “quick fixes”, die een aantal vereenvoudigingsmaatregelen voor o.a. call off-voorraden en ketentransacties bevatten, maar waarin ook strengere regels over de toepassing van het btw-nultarief bij grensoverschrijdende transacties zijn opgenomen. Doel van alle veranderingen is om te komen tot een eenvoudiger, fraudebestendig en robuust definitief btw-stelsel voor de handel in de Europese Unie.