Flexwork (a Dutch term covering temps, secondment, and payroll services) is becoming ever more varied and is gaining an ever greater share of the labour market. As an entrepreneur, new business models for supplying temps, secondments and payrolling and cross-border assignments bring you into contact with many complex rules. The flex work experts at Mazars will help you translate these complex rules to something you can implement in practice.

As a flex work entrepreneur, you face lots of rules and may be subject to inspection in many areas ─ for example, inspection by the Tax Department or the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment Inspection and Information Service, and inspections relating to NEN standards and health and safety (VCU).

Wide-ranging service provision, short lines of communication

The experts from Mazars can assist you with the full range of laws and rules relating to flex work, from auditing to labour and immigration law, and from compliance and payroll to income tax. We also have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields of:

  • Sickness Benefits Act
  • Extraterritorial costs arrangements
  • Weekly contracts
  • Hiring and sub-hiring problems for employers with A1 certificates
  • Mobility bonuses
  • Arrangements for work-related expenses
  • Cross-border labour
  • Chain and client liability
  • Working capital and the blocked account ('G-account')

Practical solutions

The experts at Mazars will always put your company's practical needs first. We like working with short lines of communication, which allows us to be proactive and come up with practical solutions that seamlessly match the daily practice within your company ─ whether yours is a large flex work company or a company with hiring issues.

Want to know more about our services for flex work companies?

Would you like to know more about how Mazars can be of service to your flex work company? If so, please contact Niels Raaphorst by e-mail (niels.raaphorst@mazars.nl) or phone: +31 88 277 19 03. He will be pleased to help.

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