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At present, the real estate market is in the eye of the storm: the transition from the dynamic real estate market of just a few years ago to a new situation characterised by a crisis of confidence with low saleability, unoccupied property, (re-)financing problems, and the consequent downward valuation.

Some subdivisions:


Hotel sector

The economic downturn is causing lower occupation levels for hotels and restaurants, and...

This static phase is further reinforced by our bleak economic climate (with empty offices), by particular market developments (with empty shops through the growth of Internet), and by the increasing interference of supervising bodies (including stricter capital requirements for banks and insurers; greater administrative costs).

This is no time to sit back, but a time for action, because we are on the eve of a new movement in the real estate market, directed towards:

  • new forms of collaboration (consolidation, chain integration)
  • transparency and regulation (compliance, openness, supervision)
  • sustainability (lower energy consumption, multifunctionality, made to last)
  • optimisation of what exists (less new building, more renovation)
  • alternative financing, less financing (less financing via banks)
  • more free market (less housing corporations)
  • more demand driven developments

Market segments and associated products

Mazars Real Estate & Construction is active in the following market segments:

Other Mazars services

In addition to our specialist real estate knowledge, Mazars offers a broad range of services such as accountancy and tax services and can help you with problems in areas such as strategy, valuation issues, liability, IT, subsidies, training and personnel policy. Our short communication lines enable us to quickly bring you into contact with the right person. This means that we are able to provide you with concrete, up-to-date advice.

The team

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