Building and contracting market

The impact of the crisis on the construction sector has proved to be considerable, and has set all relationships on edge. The traditionally stable construction world has changed into an uncertain market. Only the ability to distinguish oneself, powers of innovation, and new forms of collaboration, can steer existing construction companies through this period unscathed. As well as changes in market conditions, in recent years the regulations have changed with all the consequences for builders that can be expected.

Mazars adds value

Mazars is your sparring partner in these uncertain times. Because of the great diversity of our clients in the construction sector, we have a broad, in-depth knowledge of the sector and its problems.

We can also keep you up-to-date on changes in regulations such as those concerning the non-deductibility of losses from overseas branches or when to take profits from private work, and we can advise you on how best to take advantage of these changes. For example, we shall be pleased to discuss with you opportunities in the area of (alternative) financing, sustainability of real estate (CSR), chain collaboration, and/or the costs of failure.

Finally, we would like to discuss with you what is known as the innovation box. Most builders and contractors in this market must be innovative in order to maintain their market position. Often they are not aware of their innovative nature, although an analysis of their projects and processes shows that innovation is an important element of the company.

The innovative elements of a builder and/or contractor can produce tax advantages, since the company can then become eligible for the fiscally advantageous innovation box.

Naturally, you can make use of our network and our knowledge in the construction and real estate fields via our newsletter Bouwstenen or at one of our meetings for the construction and real estate world.

Other Mazars services

In addition to our specialist real estate knowledge, Mazars offers a broad range of services such as accountancy and tax services, and can help you with problems in areas such as strategy, valuation issues, liability, IT, subsidies, training, and personnel policy. Our short communication lines enable us to quickly bring you into contact with the right person. This means that we are able to provide you with concrete, up-to-date advice.