Institutional real estate investors

Institutional real estate investors (pension funds, banks, insurers, quoted investment funds) come in many shapes and sizes, but all are suffering from the downward trend in the Dutch real estate market, and this depreciation is heavily dependent on the location and the asset category.

Developments among institutional real estate investors

A number of institutional real estate investors (insurers and pension funds) prefer real estate in order to protect their long-term commitments against the risk of inflation. Other institutional investors create benefits of scale for their participants (quoted investment funds).

The IVBN is the organisation that represents the interests of institutional investors in Dutch real estate, and has 31 members with about Euros of Dutch real estate (and about Euros of foreign real estate).

An institutional real estate investor can be characterised as a long-term investor, and is conscious of the forces in the world economy that affect real estate. In view of this it is understandable that Dutch institutional real estate investors are increasingly internationally oriented and generally participate in Dutch real estate via fund structures.

Mazars adds value

The staff of Mazars have abundant experience of giving financial-legal advice to institutional real estate investors. Mazars is often hired – possibly as a second opinion – because of our specific real estate tax knowledge in the case of real estate transactions and in the structuring of real estate funds. Mazars is here to give the institutional real estate investor the best advice in this field.

Other Mazars services

In addition to our specialist real estate knowledge, Mazars offers a broad range of services such as accountancy and tax services, and can help you with problems in areas such as strategy, valuation issues, liability, IT, subsidies, training, and personnel policy. Our short communication lines enable us to quickly bring you into contact with the right person. This means that we are able to provide you with concrete, up-to-date advice.