Transport & Logistics

The transport and logistics sector has a place in a broad range of businesses including transporters, shippers, intermediaries and service providers. However, in spite of this diversity, there are clearly common developments and challenges. Mazars helps companies to tackle these challenges by combining specific experience, expertise, and (International) contacts within our Transport & Logistics sector group.


For entrepreneurs who do business directly or indirectly with the United Kingdom, Brexit has...


Your challenges

From carriers and shippers to intermediaries and service providers. The sector has a wide range of activity. Whether you are active only within the Netherlands or also abroad, every businessman faces challenges.

  • What will your organisation look like in five years? Your annual figures do not just say a lot about the past, but also offer an insight into the future. Our sector specialists know your business and have the ability to create a clear vision for your organisation.
  • Do you perform activities abroad? Then you have to deal with complex international law and regulations. You must ensure that you comply with your legal obligations and make optimum use of the VAT and customs legislation.
  • The rapidly changing market and changing client demand calls for action. You must respond flexibly to this with your staffing while saving costs. What options do you have to change your staffing quickly and what are the associated costs ?
  • Changes in the market require not only flexibility but also innovation. Make the difference and have your business model critically scrutinised. Are there smarter collaborations available or is supply chain management a solution?
  • Information services . This is the trend for the next few years. Your clients want to understand the order status without having to pay for it with their privacy. How safe are their details with your enterprise? The tension between transparency and privacy continues to grow, and an accurately and efficiently designed system has a direct impact on your costs and revenues.
  • The consolidation trend in the Transport & Logistics sector is continuing. As a result of mergers and acquisitions you will experience increasing pressure on the pitch. Should you decide to join forces, you need to know where you stand. A proper valuation of your company and due diligence  helps you to make informed choices.
  • Your clients are going to look at the world differently and more critically at your organisation than before. Sustainability  is a key theme, but at the same time you must keep an eye on costs. Do you understand your opportunities to innovate in the long-term?
  • The continuity of your business is probably an important objective. But what if, unfortunately, something happens to you? Have provisions been made, and is the next generation or your successor lined up? Thinking about continuity risks, succession and your estate planning  is really important!

The result for your company

The sector specialists not only look for solutions, but also take into account the opportunities within the unique context of your organisation. That is the added value of years of knowledge and expertise within the Transport & Logistics sector. Mazars will be happy to help you.

Best performance by working together

Maximum results through good cooperation. Not only with our clients but also for our clients. That is what Mazars is about. In order to be as useful as possible, we work with:

  • Pellicaan Attorneys  on legal issues in the field of transport law and disputes over transport documents or contracts
  • PNO Consultants  on the possibilities in the field of ​​subsidies
  • Groenewout  on logistic issues

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