Export control in international trade

Export control is an important subject that affects many businesses trading internationally. Its importance is sometimes underestimated in practice. Export control means that the Dutch government wants to control the cross-border trade in certain 'strategic' goods, depending on the goods concerned and their destination.

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Such trade includes military goods as well as goods that can be used for both civil and military purposes. This last category of goods is referred to as ‘dual-use’ goods.

The Dutch government has strict rules for cross-border trade in such goods. If you fail to comply with those rules, you may be faced with substantial fines, reputational damage or even criminal prosecution as an entrepreneur or transporter.

Our experts can assist you in monitoring your export control process, by setting up a programme for you which ensures proper internal safeguards for compliance with export control regulations. We can also be of assistance if you have questions about export or transit licences, for instance. For which products are these licences required? What is the best way to apply for the appropriate licence?

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