Transport & logistics

The transport and logistics sector has a place in a broad range of businesses including transporters, shippers, intermediaries and service providers. However, in spite of this diversity, there are clearly common developments and challenges. Mazars helps companies to tackle these challenges by combining specific experience, expertise, and (International) contacts within our Transport & Logistics sector group.

  • Continuity of your business
    Continuity of your business is important and it is a point of concern of many entrepreneurs. Both in the long run in terms of a good transfer of the business to the next generation and in the short term in the context of remaining relevant in the market and having insight into your financial positions. Transferring your company is never easy. After all, you have put your heart and soul into it. So you want to be properly prepared when the time comes and you want to be able to transfer the company without any tax problems. The Mazars advisers can help you with your company succession, whether long-planned or taking place as a matter of urgency due to current circumstances. By paying attention to this, the continuity of your company is guaranteed at all times. In addition, the specialists at Mazars are also well-versed in finding solutions to ensure the continuity of your business even in the short term. The Mazars Next consultants provide insight into your financial administration and are your sounding board when it comes to solutions for any arising problems.
  • Digitisation
    One of the most important developments in the transport and logistics industry is digitisation and various other technological developments. These developments offer many opportunities for you as a haulier. In order to stay in the race in the transport and logistics industry, you will need to keep up with technological developments in the industry (in a timely manner). Mazars specialises in recognising important technological developments and can help you with the correct implementation of these technological developments.
  • Optimising business operations
    In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you want to identify important information in time and be able to respond to it adequately. Up-to-date insight into the figures of the company cannot be achieved without efficient administrative processes. The Mazars experts can help you get a proper understanding into your figures at all times. In addition to obtaining the correct figures, the Mazars specialists focus on sparring with hauliers about the long-term vision (e.g. through Optimize) and its implementation within your company.
  • Sustainability in the industry
    The visibility of the themes Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is increasing in the transport and logistics industry as well. In this context, entrepreneurs increasingly feel the need for more sustainable business practices. When investments in this field are made, there is usually an entitlement to subsidies or other tax deductions. The Mazars consultants can guide you through this.
  • Personnel
    In the transport and logistics industry, the workforce plays a major part. There are several important questions to be asked here. How do I ensure a workforce that is adaptable to the hustle and bustle on the workplace? What are the consequences of hiring foreign workers (drivers)? How to deal with overnight stays by drivers and which role does the CLA play in this? These are all questions the Mazars specialists can help answering.
  • Legislation/compliance
    As an entrepreneur you must comply with various laws and regulations. The number of regulations you have to comply with has only increased in recent years. The Mazars specialists are constantly working to make your company more compliant (from a tax point of view). This could include setting up a Tax Control Framework. In addition, we keep you informed by means of news items of relevant legislative changes that may affect the transport and logistics industry.

Our approach

The Mazars specialists may be of assistance in all of your challenges. They have a great deal of experience in the transport and logistics industry and have all industry-specific knowledge to provide you with the best possible service. They can assist you in meeting the obligations arising from the (sometimes complex) legislation and regulations, but also identify opportunities in the field of sustainability, optimisation and digitisation. With a team of accountants, tax specialists and lawyers, Mazars can provide you with overall advice and practical solutions for your transport company.

Maximising returns by working together

Maximising returns by working together. Not just with our clients, but also for our clients. This is what Mazars goes for. In order to offer you the best service, we cooperate with:

  • Pellicaan Advocaten  for legal issues in the field of transport law, disputes concerning transport documents or contracts.
  • Groenewout  for logistical issues.
  • Walther Ploos van Amstel  is a columnist for Mazars Transport & Logistiek Actueel. Walther Ploos van Amstel is affiliated with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam). As an expert, he is at the heart of the industry and conducts a lot of research.