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Beheer van vermogen van pensioenfondsen en btw

Btw-kwalificatie van pensioenfondsen_Mazars
23 januari 2017 - Hoe gaat u om met de btw-behandeling bij het beheren van uw bedrijfspensioenfonds? Er zijn nog steeds mogelijkheden om dit vrij van btw te kunnen doen.

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Registered Exporter system effective from 2017

Registered Exporter system effective from 2017_Mazars
11 January 2017 - The Registered Exporter system (in short, the REX system) is the new origin certification system of goods subject to the EU’s preferential trade agreements. It facilitates a simplified way to prove the origin of the goods, reducing the administrative burden for exporters. The REX system is first applied in the General System of Preferences (GSP).

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Salary conditions for the Dutch 30% ruling in 2017

Salariseisen 30%-regeling 2017_Mazars
3 January 2017 - Do you employ foreign employees with specific expertise or skills? If they meet the salary requirement, you may pay them a tax-free remuneration for extraterritorial expenses. As of 1 January 2017, the salary criteria to qualify for the 30% ruling have been updated.

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#Mazarsforgood Innovation Challenge

#Mazarsforgood Innovation Challenge - banner
The #Mazarsforgood Innovation Challenge wants to reward innovative ideas from young aspiring entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs that can transform the way companies engage with their employees, society and business.

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