Budget day 2018: What changes for you?

Wednesday 19 September 2018 - Tuesday September 18 it was Budget day. Like last year, de glass coach instead of the golden coach, all the women wearing hats, the balcony scene and last but not least the tax measures for 2019. Except for the notorious proposal to abolish the dividend tax, the tax plan 2019 contains six bills. What does the tax plan 2019 mean for you? Read all the measures and find out what the impact is of these measures for you.

Tax proposals

On Budget day, September 18, 2018, the government presented the tax proposals for the coming year. Mazars outlined some of the bills. Read all about the new tax measures and find out what it means  for you.

Tax plan 2019

The 2019 tax plan contains measures which are budget effective as from January 1, 2019,such as measures regarding purchasing power of citizins. The government shifts the burden on employment to a burden on consumptions by increasing the low VAT rate to 9 % (was 6%). These means that for instance groceries, medicines and hair dressers will be more expensive.

Next to the tax plan 2019 the total tax package contains the following bills:

  • Other tax measures 2019 : this bill contains measures of a technical nature with hardly any budgetary implications.
  • The wihholding tax act plan  regulates the abolishment of the dividendtax ,the introduction of a tax at source and the reduction of the corporate income tax.
  • Green tax measures contains several changes in environmental taxes, tax credits for   preservation for properties for rent. Also the Energy investment allowance scheme (EIA), environmental investment credit (MIA) and the arbitrary depreciation of environmental investments will be prolonged for five years.
  • Article 1 Electronic trade Directive Implementation Act  leads to modernisation and change and simplification of the levy and collection of vat on cross border E commerce selling to private persons.
  • Small businesses scheme Modernization Act: it is proposed to modernize the current Small Business Scheme (KOR) in the VAT ACT 1968 by introducing a new optional turnover related exemption.
  • Tax on games of chance for sports betting amendment Act: In this bill it will be stipulated that betting on games is equally treated whether or not the betting is provided online or not.

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