Important points of interest for transport entrepreneurs

13 December 2019 - In the preface of the latest T&L Actueel newsletter, we have our concerns about developments in the world and it's impact on our economy. As said, our questions about the beautiful summer was over and we have prepared for the possible bad weather that is to come? In this article we would like to take you through some points of attention that can help you as a transport operator to be as well prepared as possible new economic crisis.

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Important change in customs regulation

17 oktober 2019 - The Dutch customs authorities have announced an important change in the definition of “exporter of record” that will apply as from 1 December 2019. Accordingly, it will (from a customs point of view) not be possible for non-EU businesses to act as exporter of record in the EU.

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Staff shortages in the transport sector

19 September 2019 - Nowadays, the lack of personnel may be the greatest challenge for the transport industry. The labour market remains very tight despite the fact that the number of vacancies for lorry drivers is decreasing slightly. From 2021, the supply of drivers in particular will hardly grow any more, while demand will continue to grow strongly. Reason enough for many transport companies to call in self-employed drivers, domestic or foreign.

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Changes VAT for maritime shipping and offshore

19 September 2019 - In 2019, a number of changes took place in the application of the VAT rate to the maritime shipping and offshore industry. In some situations, the customs rate may change as well.