Temporary bridging scheme for self-employed entrepreneurs (Tozo)

The Dutch government introduces the Temporary bridging scheme for self-employed entrepreneurs (Tijdelijke overbruggingsregeling zelfstandig ondernemers - Tozo), a measure to support entrepreneurs during the coronacrisis. It is a two-part scheme: income support for three months and the possibility to apply for additional corporate credit.


  • The Tozo scheme offers support to self-employed entrepreneurs, including self-employed persons without personnel;
  • The income support is a supplement to income up to the social minimum (social assistance benefit level);
  • A minimum age of 18 applies;
  • The self-employed person must live in the Netherlands and run their business in the Netherlands;
  • The company is registered in the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce and must have been started prior to 17 March 2020, 7:45 pm and meet the hour criterion, i.e. a minimum of 1,225 hours annually working in the company's own enterprise or independent profession (on average 24 hours per week);
  • The entrepreneur must submit the Tozo application to the municipality where they live;
  • Municipalities strive to decide as much as possible within 4 weeks of receiving your application. Municipalities may also pay an advance;
  • The loan for operating capital is capped at € 10,157;
    • Deferred repayments are possible.
    • Interest will be due, but it will be lower than usual.
  • The scheme has a retroactive effect to 1 March 2020;

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