The effectiveness of donation campaigns: from contributor to director

25 June 2020 – The society is changing rapidly and charity organisations have to move along to remain future-proof. The activities of charity organisations are under pressure and they have to deal with declining revenues. That’s why it is essential to look critically to the effectiveness of your donation campagins and the wishes and needs of your (potential) contributors. How can you spend your campaign money as effective as possible?


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Data analysis in the charitable sector

11 June 2020 – Charitable organisations have been dealing with declining revenues for years. The coronacrisis will only strengthen this trend. Contributors will be even more aware and critical about their donations. Because of the lost revenues, the charitable activities will come under even more pressure. That’s why it is crucial for charitable organisations to understand their donation potential. Where are the opportunities for your organisation which will lead to more and higher donations? Data analysis is a vital link in this.