The laws and regulations in the fields of accountancy and tax are subject to continuous development. These changes could have an impact on your business and operations. Would you like to reduce the risks and maximise the opportunities? We have set out various aspects for you. The topics are written in Dutch.

Auto & vervoer

Als automobilist of als ondernemer met een wagenpark krijgt u onvermijdelijk te maken met autobelastingen. De regels van de diverse belastingen zijn complex en wijzigen vaak. Op deze pagina vindt u alles omtrent Auto & Vervoer:

Working with volunteers

Many non-profit organisations, including Public Benefit Organisations (PBO), often work with volunteers. This practice can involve a range of laws and regulations. For example, do you know the conditions of the payroll tax volunteer scheme? Mazars will be happy to bring you up to speed with the laws and regulations with which you must comply as an organisation working with volunteers.

International business

Doing business internationally - Mazars helps you to provide insight into the possibilities, opportunities and risks. Through our global, integrated network you can successfully do business abroad.

Staff & Pay

For your company to perform to the best of its abilities, it has to be set up properly. After all, your employees will flourish only in the right circumstances.