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Audit & assurance

Independence and rigour that provides confidence and transparency for stakeholders and society.

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Your company must be and remain in top form, both legally and financially. But how do you achieve that?

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You want to fulfil your tax obligations without spending any more time than necessary. In addition, you want to seize the opportunities offered by the tax laws and regulations. The specialists of Mazars will help you to take full advantage of these tax opportunities. They will provide you with a customised advice: nationally and internationally.

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Financial advisory

The Mazars Financial advisory team offers financial expertise in transactions, restructurings, value management, external reporting, financial disputes, court procedures and forensic investigation.

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You want the best from your organisation. Improved results thanks to flexible business processes based on a solid foundation. The specialists of Mazars care about your business. They help you take the right strategic decisions. This allows you to fully focus on the development of your business.

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We support your organisation to embed sustainability at the heart of its operations and to report on it thoroughly and reliably in line with legal requirements.

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Country Desks

Dutch business and industry have a strong business instinct; companies are continuously engaged in the development of markets outside our national borders. These companies often need professional support when doing cross-border business. Hence Mazars formed the country desks. We have bundled all our specialist knowledge and experience with a certain country in the country desks. This bundling of knowledge allows us to provide you with an excellent service in the development of your cross-border trade.

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Signals | Digital Collaboration Platform

The constant changes in the economy, security, compliance and social trends strongly impact our daily lives. We live in a world where we want to have access to the most recent information, from anywhere and at any time. Data security standards and legislation are also becoming increasingly important. That is why we created Signals, our digital collaboration platform.

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Mazars Next

Optimise the design of all your administrative processes so you can translate your figures to insights – for a fixed monthly fee. Mazars Next makes work smarter, easier and more efficient.

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