Your company must be and remain in top form, both legally and financially. But how do you achieve that? By opting for an objective business and risk analysis by an accountant that is fully familiar with your sector, you create a solid basis for your plans. You will pass any audit with flying colours, allowing you to fully focus on your business.

Financial administration

As an entrepreneur, keeping the accounts is not your highest priority. But without reliable accounting, you won't have a good picture of your finances and you run the risk that you will not be making the right choices for your company. So why not use the specialists from Mazars to do part or all of your financial administration for you? That way, your financial affairs will be properly sorted from start to finish and you will have more time to do business.

Audit & evaluation annual reports

The annual financial report provides a picture of the opportunities and challenges for your company. It forms the basis for your plans. Using the annual figures, Mazars will catalogue the opportunities and risks for your business.

Financial report

Financial reporting keeps developing rapidly, while accounting itself is becoming more and more complex, particularly now that many subjects are laid down in laws and regulations.

Financial reporting in accordance with IFRS

The IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), the standards for annual financial statements, are constantly under development. Complying with the standards, following the latest developments and analysing their possible impact can be an enormous challenge. Are you looking for expertise to help you with this? If so, you have found the right people at Mazars.

IT Audit

IT systems are employed to support business processes, process information and organise the administration, and the measures of internal audit are often contained in IT systems as well. Naturally, this means that IT systems have to be audited as well.

Compiling annual accounts

As an SME entrepreneur, you are not always required to have your annual accounts checked by an accountant. Nevertheless, you do want your annual accounts to be drawn up professionally and with care. The accountants from Mazars will draw up your annual accounts in accordance with the strictest standards. That way, you will have figures you can build on.


The success of a business hinges on the proper focus. To ensure this, it is often advisable to outsource processes that are not part of the company’s core activities – such as tax, accounting or other support functions – to reliable partners. This means that you, as an entrepreneur, are free to concentrate on the key strategic objectives and devote all your energies to the continued growth of your business.

Payroll and Human Resources administration

Proper payroll and personnel administration requires the necessary knowledge, time and energy. In addition to routine work such as payroll processing, wage administration and drawing up contracts, your organisation will be faced with reports, deductions, payments to e.g. the Tax and Customs Administration and legislation and regulations that are subject to continuous change. The specialists of Mazars can support your organisation, thereby ensuring that your payroll and personnel administration is organised efficiently.