Audit & evaluation annual reports

The annual financial report provides a picture of the opportunities and challenges for your company. It forms the basis for your plans. Using the annual figures, Mazars will catalogue the opportunities and risks for your business.

Understanding the state of your company

Annual figures are the financial blueprint of your company. They are a source of valuable information and the foundations for your future plans. The accountants at Mazars use your annual accounts to catalogue the opportunities and risks for your business. Our professionals help you to distinguish the main issues from the secondary ones early on in the financial year.

Audit or evaluation?

Auditing the (consolidated) annual accounts is only a statutory requirement for larger companies. Smaller companies can voluntarily choose to have a professional audit. Do you want extra certainty but feel an auditing assignment is too much? If so, you can opt for an evaluation: an analysis of your figures. That way, you get an expert, independent verdict on your annual accounts before you file them.

Early warning of financial areas of focus

The annual accounts cycle is the financial backbone of your company. That's why we seek to identify the most important financial areas of focus in the financial year. Examples are:

  • Practical recommendations for improving yield, financing structure and process optimisation
  • An efficient and effective control process, throughout the year

Checks in accordance with the highest standards

Mazars' internal standards exceed the International Standards on Quality Control as incorporated into the Netherlands Audit Guidelines.

Annual accounts of the future

What position will your company be in in five years' time? Your annual figures provide a valuable glimpse into your company's future. The specialists at Mazars can draw up the annual accounts of the future for you. That way, you know you are building your company's future plans on a solid financial foundation.

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