The revised Corporate Governance Code requires more from companies. Do you wonder if risk management, compliance and internal audit functions cooperate well and effectively in your company? How does the audit committee function? The experts of Mazars are happy to advise you.

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There is a code of conduct, but ethics have not yet been properly embedded in the organization.

Reviewing situation concerning ethics and drawing up improvement plan for training, supporting processes and monitoring.

Risk management, compliance and internal audit functions do not cooperate with each other. Better coordination or combination of activities is necessary.

Reviewing the organisation of risk management, compliance and internal audit functions and offering solutions for proper coordination and synergy.

Given the increased focus on risk management, culture and internal audit in the revised Dutch Corporate Governance Code, there is a need to evaluate the Audit Committee.

Facilitating evaluation Audit Committee, drawing up improvement plan and training/coaching Audit Committee members.

No internal audit function has been established yet. As the Supervisory Board, we have to assess this situation each year and report on this in our annual report. To us, this is a complex issue and we are looking for benchmarks.

Based on organisational size, risk profile, culture, and governance structure, we map the potential added value of the internal audit function, including benchmarking as an input for evaluation.

The Corporate Governance Code demands accountability for risk management and control systems. We do not have a reference framework for this.

Assessment of current processes to achieve such accountability and recommendations for improvement.

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Herziene Corporate Governance Code

De Corporate Governance Code bevat principes en best practice bepalingen over de governance van beursvennootschappen. De herziene Corporate Governance Code - van toepassing vanaf 2017 - vraagt om versterking van risicomanagement en de interne audit functie.