You want to trust your processes, so you should be able to rely on internal control as well. Do you wonder how to keep the processes in your organisation manageable? Is your organisation sufficiently “risk fraud proof"? The experts of Mazars are happy to advise you.

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We intend to outsource transactional processes in Finance and HR. How do we keep the processes manageable?

We add our expertise to your project team to facilitate the reorganisation of the control system.

Due to strong growth, partly because of acquisitions, our policies and procedures are no longer uniform and up to date.

Reviewing current procedures and facilitating process for policy framework update together with functional owners in an organised and practical format.

There is a plan for SAP implementation to improve the processes. A fine moment to optimise the internal control as well.

With the IT Advice and Assurance team we work together on the reorganisation of control systems with an optimised use of SAP. 

We have internal procedures in response to external regulations and major risks, but have insufficient insight into the degree of compliance in the various business units.

Gathering information and assessing effectiveness of the implementation and continuous monitoring of procedures. Reporting on the degree of compliance and improvement opportunities.

Several fraud cases revealed a number of weaknesses in the control systems. We ought to be better protected against fraud risks.

Facilitating ‘lessons learned’ as a result of the fraud cases and preparing the implementations of improvements in the control systems.

Export control

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Herziene Corporate Governance Code

De Corporate Governance Code bevat principes en best practice bepalingen over de governance van beursvennootschappen. De herziene Corporate Governance Code - van toepassing vanaf 2017 - vraagt om versterking van risicomanagement en de interne audit functie.