Your organisation is increasingly confronted with a variety of challenges. The risk profile increases and the revised Corporate Governance Code demands reinforcement of risk management. Has your risk management been set up sufficiently organised? Is the Audit Committee asking for an independent review? The experts of Mazars are happy to advise you.

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The Audit Committee has asked for a presentation of the top 10 risks. As yet, we have no risk management process. How do we go about this?

Facilitating top down top 10 risk assessment with management team and a plan for standard process for updating top 10 risks.

We have a risk management department and we discuss the risk registers quarterly. We lack connection to the standard planning & control cycle.

Assessing current risk management and control processes with action plan for better integration of risk management in management processes.

As entrepreneurs, we have been managing our risks, usually implicitly. The company's risk profile is increasing and we have had several negative experiences. We are looking for a consultant who can help us to set up a more explicit and organised risk management.

Based on organisational size, strategy, governance structure, and culture, and assessment of current risk management activities, a plan to develop a structured risk management process is presented.

We are engaged in a large change process and lack a risk assessment in the project approach. 

Facilitating project risk assessment and advice on process updating.

We have a sound risk management process, facilitated by internal audit. The Audit Committee is now asking for an independent review.

Assessing effectiveness of the risk management process with recommendations for further improvements.

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Herziene Corporate Governance Code

De Corporate Governance Code bevat principes en best practice bepalingen over de governance van beursvennootschappen. De herziene Corporate Governance Code - van toepassing vanaf 2017 - vraagt om versterking van risicomanagement en de interne audit functie.