Do you also believe that successful enterprise and sustainability go hand in hand? And does your organisation have to meet increasingly higher expectations of society and/or increasingly stringent requirements from regulators? Our services are designed to help organisations achieve sustainable long-term growth. Mazars advises you based on its own 'Mazars for Good' vision, aimed at increasing trust in companies, strengthening our society and creating positive impact.


Do you wish to take the first step towards a sustainable organisation but you don't know where to start? Mazars can help you map the key themes within your organisation. What should be at the top of your sustainability agenda? Which things in the field of sustainability are already going well and where are the opportunities? We will be happy to be your sparring partner to identify the key sustainability themes and help you with your sustainability policy and strategy. We can also help your organisation deal more consciously with sustainability by, for example, organising internal workshops.


Managing and reporting on sustainability performance starts with measuring. We can help you set up your internal control system (and underlying processes) for relevant, reliable and consistent sustainability information as a basis for effective internal control and external accountability of sustainability performance.


Would you like to report internally or externally on your policy and results in the field of sustainability? There are many different ways to report on sustainability. This involves many concepts such as GRI, CSR report, Integrated Reporting, sustainability information, non-financial information, stakeholder dialogue, materiality index, ESG. We can help you understand these terms. Which way of reporting suits your organisation best and how can you set this up properly? Let us advise you in drawing up your sustainability performance report.


Do you get questions from external parties about the reliability of your sustainability information? Would you like to take your own reporting to the next level? We can provide your reporting with external assurance to meet this demand. This may take the form of an audit engagement (reasonable assurance) or a review engagement (limited assurance). We provide assurance on integrated reports, sustainability reports or reports on a specific sustainability topic.


Human rights is an important theme that you want to make part of your policy. We can help you with this. Mazars is one of the forerunners in supporting companies in managing risks related to human rights, reporting on human rights and providing assurance on these reports. We are co-developers of two frameworks (a reporting framework and an assurance framework) based on the United Nations Guiding Principles. In 2012 we won the 'Audit Innovation of the Year' award for this. We can help you with interactive workshops, human rights risk analysis, setting up internal procedures and helping with internal and external communication and reporting on human rights.


You would like to demonstrate the impact of your organisation on your environment. Would you like to include social and environmental indicators in your decisions in addition to financial indicators? Do you want to measure whether a project has been effective? This might bring on some tricky issues. How do you measure impact and how do you weigh social and environmental indicators together with financial indicators? To arrive at a method for measuring impact, we are your sparring partner.