Our approach

We are able to assist our clients with all types of HR issues. You can use us for the development and implementation of HR instruments, but also for HR issues in respect of reorganisations, mergers, acquisitions or setting up a P&O Department. We can also fulfil an interim HR function on your behalf. Mazars translates your HR policy into practice and works at a strategic, tactical and operational level.

Use of HR Services

Why choose Mazars’ HR consultants for personnel issues? HR Services consists of a team of consultants you can use for a whole range of HR issues. If you have questions about employment law, terms and conditions of employment or the use of HR tools, HR Services will be able to assist.

When circumstances or situations change, you can take the right actions immediately. For example, if you have an employee on long-term sick leave, an employee who does not perform, when you appoint personnel or when someone leaves. We advise you on the correct approach, we solve the issue, and where possible we advise on preventive measures. The objective is that you will not face the same issues in the future or that you will be able to deal with them at an earlier stage.

Advice and support at every level

The HR specialists of Mazars HR Services can be used at various levels - strategic, tactical or executive. You can approach us for strategic advice that we will translate into policy and practical HR tools that we implement on your behalf. We are also able to carry out your personnel administration on your behalf. If you need temporary support, including on site, Mazars’ HR consultants are ready to assist in those situations.

We work for different types of companies in a range of sectors and we empathise and identify with the entrepreneur's issues. Our strong point is translating legislation and regulations into practical and efficient solutions at a good rate. 


Health & Safety

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