IT project advice and assurance

Are you looking for a reliable partner to get a derailed IT project back on track again? Or do you require independent advice in the event of issues in the field of automation? The Mazars' specialists provide assurance in every phase of your IT project. This enables you to promote the return on your IT investments.

Assurance projects

Proper project management helps you to control every phase of an IT project. By defining objectives, preconditions, expectations and responsibilities in advance you keep your projects manageable and controllable. Our specialists will assist you in this. They monitor the content and objectives of your project and will subject the method in which the project is executed to a critical review. This assures you that your project execution is controllable.

In addition to assurance that your projects are executed properly, you also want to know whether you started the correct project. Hence the specialists of Mazars create a link between your organisational strategy and your IT policy. This will help you gain an insight into whether your IT project is in keeping with your organisational strategy. This way you can rest assured that your IT project is executed properly, as well as that the correct project is carried out within the framework of your strategy.

Independent advice

The specialists of Mazars will advise you on a wide range of IT issues. In consultation with you, they will be examining your IT policy, information plans, management information, system architecture/optimisation and software packages. Since our specialists are fully independent from software and hardware suppliers, you always receive relevant and reliable advice. In addition, they can coach your organisation in the field of IT management in order to promote the success of your IT projects.

Promoting the return on your IT investments

By engaging the specialists of Mazars for your assurance, you can take sound decisions on your IT systems, based on independent advice. Thanks to proper project management you will gain control of your IT projects. This enables you to promote the return on your IT investments.

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IT Advice and Assurance

Many companies and institutions are increasingly dependent on IT systems. This probably also applies to your organisation. Does the management of your IT system have your full attention? And are you aware of new and relevant IT possibilities and the obligations attached to it? The specialists of Mazars will be happy to advise you on this. They will conduct an IT audit and map out the risks and opportunities, so that your organisation can be fully geared to this. Integrity, reliability, continuity and safety are typical in the approach of our specialists when conducting an IT audit.