Information security

IT is vital to organisations and institutions in order to achieve strategic objectives. IT is closely intertwined with everything you do and therefore you cannot operate without. Since IT is so interwoven in your organisation, safety becomes even more important. Not only does this apply to your company, but also to your customers and buyers. Are you aware of the safety risks you run with your systems? And what can you do to protect your organisation against this? The IT specialists of Mazars help to secure your information against potential risks.

Testing IT safety

You want to be sure that your systems are safe and that your information is properly secured against potential hacking. Do you want to gain an insight into the safety of your systems? The specialists of Mazars will be happy to map this out for you.

  • Security Audit: a security audit examines the safety of your systems at two levels. First the procedures are tested. This often is an annual test during which it is verified whether the system and the procedures meet the standards. However, this is often not sufficient. After all, you also want to know whether the system is safe from a technical point of view. Hence the specialists of Mazars will examine the IT reality. How is the system used by your people in practice? And what risks are attached to this?
  • Security check web applications: the security check on web applications analyses the safety of your web applications. However, not only do you want to check whether your systems are safe, you also want to keep them safe. Hence periodic testing is of vital importance. With a periodic test you can rest assured that your system is safe during all changes and updates.


Various guidelines have been developed which your systems must comply with. Examples include ISO 27001 and 27002, NEN 7510 (healthcare), Baseline Information Security Civil Service (BIR), guidelines of the National Cyber Security Centre etcetera. Mazars is familiar with these guidelines and analyses your systems on the basis of these guidelines. Not only do they examine the procedure, they also examine the IT reality and how the systems are run in actual practice.

Insight and practical advice

Our tests will provide you with an insight into the risks for your company. In addition, you will receive practical advice on how you can improve your information security. This enables you to protect yourself against the risks while you can rest assured that your systems and information are properly secured. This way you prevent unauthorised access to your data, while your systems enjoy proper protection against hacking.


Our Expertise:

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IT Advice and Assurance

Many companies and institutions are increasingly dependent on IT systems. This probably also applies to your organisation. Does the management of your IT system have your full attention? And are you aware of new and relevant IT possibilities and the obligations attached to it? The specialists of Mazars will be happy to advise you on this. They will conduct an IT audit and map out the risks and opportunities, so that your organisation can be fully geared to this. Integrity, reliability, continuity and safety are typical in the approach of our specialists when conducting an IT audit.