IT Audit & Assurance

IT can no longer be ignored in our current society. IT-related tools are increasingly used as part of the primary service provision and are crucial for the continuity of an organisation. Having the right systems, adequate management information and proper security of company information, personal data and intellectual property is an absolute necessity.

The Mazars IT Audit & Advisory team consists of qualified IT auditors, specialists in IT governance and compliance, privacy regulation, information security, cybersecurity and data analysis. Our team is compact, agile, has specialist knowledge and national and international coverage. Our knowledge and experience ranges from providing all kinds of digital assurance and removing cyber security risks to determining whether the relevant digital laws and regulations are complied with. 

Digital trust & digital assurance

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The ongoing digitisation of our society is a fact. The digital connection of organisations, individuals and devices creates mutual dependencies and vulnerabilities. As digitisation gets more and more involved in our lives, ICT resources become more and more remote in terms of hardware. Both tendencies increase the demand for assurance and the removal of uncertainties.

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Grasping future change and digitally transforming the Business

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New technologies and digital developments are bringing changes to every organisation. How you're going to deal with these issues is an important question – not just for you, but for your customers, shareholders, employees and suppliers. Words like cloud, analytics, blockchain and robotics are popping up all the time these days. What's the best way to incorporate these developments into your strategy? What possibilities for improvement do they offer to your organisation and business operations? How can you attract and retain talent? And how can available data be turned into insights to help you move forward? In other words – what opportunities do these developments offer you?

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Webinar 'Digitale footprint'

1 OKTOBER 2020 - De coronacrisis onderstreept nog maar eens het vitale belang van internetverbindingen en de daaraan gekoppelde IT-systemen. Nederland werkt massaal thuis en organisaties wenden zich tot de technologie om hen op de been te houden. Adequate beveiliging is dan ook een absolute noodzaak. Bent u zich bewust van de digitale internet footprint die uw organisatie achterlaat?


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OSINT benchmark: aware of your digital footprint

10 June 2020 - The coronacrisis once again underlines the vital importance of Internet connections and the linked IT systems. In the Netherlands, a large number of people are working from home and companies turn to technology to keep them going. Adequate security is therefore an absolute necessity. Are you aware of the digital footprint your company is leaving behind?

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