Data analytics & insights

Organisations are increasingly generating data as a result of the ongoing digitisation and are, as it were, sitting on a gold mine in which data is the new mineral. Organisations that are able to collect and process data into information and new insights in a structured way have a huge competitive advantage. Improving customer experience, making business processes more efficient and be compliant with legislation and regulations are just some of the stimuli for organisations to work in a data driven way. The appropriate use of data enables you to act proactively with a view to the future, so that you remain in control in this changing digital world.

Your opportunities and challenges

Would you like to know what data can mean for your organisation? Or is collecting data in a structured way and process it into information and new insights challenging for you? Mazars can help you with the following opportunities and challenges:

Your potential opportunities

Your potential chalenges

  • Gain insight into the inflow and outflow of cash and cash equivalents. 
  • Improved insights and decision-making by way of interactive management information through dashboarding
  • Gain insight into how individual products contribute to the company's profitability 
  • Gain insight into how individual clients contribute to the profitability of the company
  • Insight into the development of procurement in relation to suppliers and products & services
  • Calculation of VAT on the basis of financial transactions
  • Better maintenance planning in asset-intensive organisations
  • Reduce risks and fraud, and be compliant with new legislation and regulations (GDPR)
  • Insufficient knowledge of and insight into the possibilities of data analyses
  • The amount of data and data quality
  • The limited availability and/or accessibility of data
  • Complicated data landscape/data silos
  • Simplify the use of data within the organisation
  • Outdated data management and analysis tools
  • The agility and/or resistance of the organisation to data-driven change
  • Challenges in the field of culture and behaviour in the context of data-driven working

Mazars can help you with

  • Data analysis
    By using our analysis tools and models we can link fragmented data in your organisation, identify patterns and trends, and generate insights and forecasts that are key to your company. To this end, we can use both internal and external data, so that you get a good overall picture of your business question and you can make well-founded decisions. We tap into our descriptive, explanatory and predictive analyses, optimisation and modelling capabilities to translate data into information and advise our clients on appropriate strategies.
  • Data visualisation
    We use the most sophisticated applications to help you discover patterns and trends. In addition to reports that provide answers to all your existing questions, we develop interactive task and sector-specific 'business intelligence dashboards' that provide answers to your latent questions. This gives you the tools you need to work proactively with the help of interactive reports. These allow you to see the current state of your organisation and give you insight into the past few years, so you can make well-founded decisions with a view to the future.
  • Data governance
    The basis for a data-driven organisation is sound data governance. We advise and assist you in establishing frameworks that determine how data is collected, processed, edited, stored and used. Consider for instance designing or improving your data landscape, such as a data lake (raw, unstructured data), data warehouse (structured data) and data vault. The organisation-wide implementation of a sound data policy is also part of this process, so that data in the systems is correctly categorised/processed by everyone. This way, data quality is guaranteed and the results of the analyses are reliable.

Mazars data analytics & insights team

The Data Analytics & Insights team helps organisations with the abovementioned opportunities and challenges by implementing data intelligence, one of the fundamentals of a successful digital transformation. Data intelligence encompasses all activities related to data: from setting up an adequate process to collect, structure and organise data to performing analyses. We combine our financial and functional knowledge with the latest tools and techniques to translate both internal and external data into valuable insights for your organisation.