Assessment & Performance

What makes for a good assessment system? How to hold proper assessment and performance interviews? Do you feel that - based on the assessment by your managers - your employees are doing exceedingly well, whereas you know that is not quite the reality? How do you link business objectives and improvement processes for your employees to all of this? Mazars' specialists will help you to deal with the assessment and performance of your employees effectively, structured and consistently.

How can we help you?

Our specialists will be happy to help you set up a sound remuneration system, based on transparent job descriptions and an adopted pay structure. An annual, structured approach to the assessment and performance of your employees helps you to increase your chances of achieving your business objectives and gain an insight into the performance of your employees. What kind of work do they carry out, what are their qualities, what can they improve on and, very important too, how can you ensure your assessors will actually discuss those matters!

You hold regular assessment and performance interviews in order to gain that insight. Mazars' specialists know which interview techniques matter for such interviews and can teach your managers to use these techniques. For instance, they will learn to conduct interviews in a positive and constructive manner, to set a clearly formulated objective in advance, to use proper listening and interviewing techniques and to deal with resistance in a constructive way. We can also prepare customised forms and checklists for you to use during the interviews.

Finally, our specialists can support you during the follow-up process, for instance when the assessment and performance interviews show that employees need further development. We can prepare a Personal Development Plan on an individual basis. We can prepare new, specific and SMART business objectives and group development plans across the organisation in order to improve the quality or sales of a particular department or the entire organisation.