IT maturity assessment

People, resources and processes set each other in motion, as if they were a pendulum. They need to be well attuned to each other in order to avoid undesirable collisions and, as a result, coming to a standstill. An IT maturity assessment is a method where we map the maturity of the entire IT environment (people, resources and processes).

‘How far am I and what do I still have to do?’ This is a question that IT Audit & Advisory specialists regularly receive. A good way of doing this is by means of an IT maturity assessment. A Mazars IT maturity assessment is used to map out the extent of an organisation in a structured manner. The framework consists of a selection of requirements and standards from various best practices such as Cobit, CMM and ISO 27001.

Mazars can help you with

In addition to qualified IT auditors, Mazars' IT Audit & Advisory team consists of specialists and advisors in the areas of IT governance and compliance, privacy regulations, information security, cybersecurity and data analysis. Our team is compact, agile, with specialist knowledge and national and international coverage. Our knowledge and experience range from providing all kinds of digital assurance and removing cybersecurity risks to determining whether relevant digital laws and regulations are complied with. In addition, we can identify issues in IT projects, carry out IT due diligence and veritably digitally transform an entire (IT) organisation.

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