Corporate Finance

Whatever your ambition, our experienced corporate finance advisers can help you to initiate, negotiate, structure and successfully conclude your financial transactions. We provide enterprises operating at both the national and the international level with support in connection with mergers and acquisitions. In doing so, we supervise various stakeholders including entrepreneurs, corporate representatives, management teams, private equity and venture capital firms, and financing banks. We walk you through the entire process, all the way to a successful result – whether it is a sale, purchase, merger or takeover.

Mazars can assist you in:

  • Acquisitions
    With our years of experience in advising on successful acquisitions and our excellent network, we are in a position to serve you effectively in any acquisition process. Solid strategical analysis and market research are applied to identify and approach possible candidates for acquisition. We can also assist you in the subsequent negotiations – or conduct them on your behalf – in order to achieve what you feel are the proper price and terms. The result: even better prospects for your company’s future.
  • Selling a business
    Selling a business is a complex and intensive process, whether it involves a takeover, transfer of ownership or corporate succession. After all, it involves answering tough questions: what is your company worth and how does one find a suitable buyer? Thanks to our extensive international network, our experienced advisers are able to identify potential buyers and help you to select one that is suitable for you. We understand your interests and can apply years of transaction experience to ensure that you get the most out of the negotiations. This way, we make a complex process significantly easier to navigate.
  • Securing funds
    We help you to select the right kind of financing or refinancing (debt, equity or IPO) and develop an attractive proposition for potential financial supporters, such as private equity.
  • Enterprise valuation
    Determining the value of a company (or the valuation of a portion of that business) is a step often taken in connection with an acquisition transaction, sale or purchase of a company. In addition, situations involving corporate succession within a family, the buyout of another shareholder or a divorce can constitute a ground for carrying out an enterprise valuation. Whatever the reason for determining the value of a company, it is important that an investigation of this kind is carried out by experienced valuation specialists.
  • Due diligence
    Before a sale is finalised, it is a good idea to conduct a thorough investigation into the corporate aspects of the company in question. This type of research, known as due diligence or vendor due diligence, can prevent a situation in which unwelcome surprises come to light after you have closed the deal.