Quickly and easily compile your annual accounts

To many entrepreneurs, each year the audit is a challenge. Is all necessary information available? Do your records meet the auditor's requirements? A good audit demands time and energy, but as an entrepreneur you want to direct your valuable time to other things. Mazars Signals supports your business so your audit is organised efficiently. Mazars is responsible for the preparation, you remain in control.

The advantages

  • Shorter lead time of the audit
  • High-quality file
  • Proper preparation for future year- ends
  • Saving both time and costs

Mazars provides tailored professional service and assists you in compiling a high-quality annual accounts file. This way, your audit requires little or no review, so you can proceed with your daily work alongside the audit.

Download Mazars Signals

With the Mazars Signals app on your smart phone or tablet you can access your administration at any time and place. Downloading and installing the app on your smart phone or tablet is very simple. You can start immediately!

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Want to find out more?

Would you like to find out more about Mazars Signals? Please contact your Mazars contact person or send an e-mail to signals@mazars.nl. We will be pleased to help.


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