You want to fulfil your tax obligations without spending any more time than necessary. In addition, you want to seize the opportunities offered by the tax laws and regulations. The specialists of Mazars will help you to take full advantage of these tax opportunities. They will provide you with a customised advice: nationally and internationally.

Profit tax

The Netherlands has two types of income tax: income tax and corporation tax. But do you as a businessman know what form of income tax you have to pay? How much tax should you be paying? And where are the risks and opportunities for your company? The specialists from Mazars can help you with these questions.

Income tax

Income tax is a taxation levied on natural persons on income from employment, such as profits from business activities, but also on income from home ownership, pension and annuity benefits, income from substantial interest and income from savings and investments. When you conduct your business as a one-man business or as a partner in a general partnership, you must declare the profit (or loss) from the company in your income tax return. Do you make optimum use of the various tax incentives? Our specialists’ knowledge is completely up-to-date and they will be happy to advise you on the various tax regulations.

Employment Tax Services

Are you prepared for the changes in the ‘WKR’ (Werkkostenregeling)? Are you paying the right sector contributions and WGA contributions? As an employer, you want to make the most of the opportunities offered by the national and international regulations on employment taxes, pensions and cross-border employment. You also want to keep the risks of retrospective tax assessments to a minimum. The Mazars tax specialists are at your disposal.

Estate planning

As a high-net-worth individual and/or entrepreneur, you want to be sure your capital is properly structured to suit your personal situation and preferences. But how can you be sure you have made the best choices when it comes to fiscal and legal matters? And that those choices will be modified in good time to suit changing legislation and regulations where necessary? The specialists at Mazars will be pleased to help you with these and other questions in the field of estate planning.

International tax

Do you perform fiscal activities abroad or are you a working expat? Then you have to deal with complex international regulations. Do you know which tax regulations you must comply with? The specialists from Mazars can help you with this. They explain the tax implications of your international activities clearly, so that you can maximise the opportunities for your business.

Customs & International Trade

As a result of the rapidly increasing global trade, your company may be confronted with complex customs (and related) legislation. Is your company involved in international trade and are your goods moved across the globe? Then, adequate customs planning and knowledge of import- and export regulations is key to avoid unnecessary risks and costs.