Estate planning

As a high-net-worth individual and/or entrepreneur, you want to be sure your capital is properly structured to suit your personal situation and preferences. But how can you be sure you have made the best choices when it comes to fiscal and legal matters? And that those choices will be modified in good time to suit changing legislation and regulations where necessary? The specialists at Mazars will be pleased to help you with these and other questions in the field of estate planning.

Tailored solutions

For Mazars, estate planning means tailored solutions. We will keep track of the financial parties, fiscal structures, international issues and constantly changing legislation and regulations which are important for you, based on an integrated approach. We will also help you by bringing transparency to your financial and fiscal position, giving you information about the movements in your capital position and providing services in fields of expertise which are relevant for you. In all cases, we do so by means of personal contact and short lines of communication.

Private and business capital

The specialists at Mazars advise high-net-worth individuals at national and international level, about both private and business capital. For your private capital, our advice focuses on matrimonial property law, inheritance law and gift/inheritance/income and transfer tax. For your business position, the key is choosing structures based on strategic themes such as continuity, control and financial and fiscal interest.  


Our expertise in the field of estate planning takes in the following subjects:

  • Co-habitation forms: what do you need to look out for when drawing up or changing prenuptial agreements or entering into a cohabitation agreement?
  • Divorce: looking after tax and other matters in a divorce procedure, for example in the area of prenuptial agreements, your home, business capital, alimony/buying out alimony and pensions. We will make sure everything is taken care of.
  • Gift planning: discover how you can save tax, how you can give 'on paper' and decide when the recipient can have access to the capital gifted. We will look at what suits you and is most advantageous for you.
  • Power of attorney / living will: we will advise you on measures in case you are unable (temporarily or otherwise) to make decisions for yourself as a high-net-worth individual and/or entrepreneur.
  • Inheritance planning: does your will still match your wishes, and does it take advantage of all the fiscal possibilities? Discover how you can save costs by making optimum use of fiscal exemptions.
  • Company succession: discover how you can make maximum use of generous fiscal exemptions and facilities when giving away or bequeathing business capital.
  • Certification of capital: do you want to separate the economic interest and control over particular capital elements such as substantial-interest shares? We will advise you on the options.
  • Administration and execution: our experienced and independent specialists can act as administrators for gifted/inherited capital or as executors of an estate.
  • Declarations: the specialists at Mazars can advise you on declarations in relation to gifts, divorce, death or emigration/remigration.
  • Second home abroad: we will advise you about structuring, utilization of foreign exemptions and minimization of double taxation on purchase and transfer.
  • Emigration / remigration: are you interested in how you can avoid emigration/remigration taxation as far as possible? Let the specialists from Mazars advise you.
  • Restricted funds (such as trusts, Private Foundations): the specialists at Mazars will advise you on optimising existing and new structures.
  • Liquidity planning: work out your needs and wishes with regard to your incoming and outgoing monetary flows.
  • Structuring investable capital: how best to structure your investable capital? Based on your wishes, we will advise you on the options.
  • Art and charity: how can you maintain your collection, make a donation and/or set up a charity after your death? We will fulfil your wishes in a tax-efficient way.
  • Country estates: we will advise you on the fiscal structure and maintenance of your country estate under the Nature Conservation Act



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